Welcome to the Maryland Hemp Consortium.

Industrial HEMP now legal in Maryland?

It has been a years long fight – but it appears – as of July, citizens can NOW grow, Process and make products from Industrial HEMP.   It’s a pilot project, but its a start.  Checking with the lawyers. Maryland latest to legalize hemp production


Governor Hogan signed HB803 3 years ago making it legal to Grow Industrial Hemp #ropenotdope – yet the law is contingent on the Federal Government “allowing” it – we are still not growing Industrial Hemp.  And we aim to Grow it, we want a Processing Facility and to Produce Products right here in Maryland !  Lets create some Jobs – lets create some Enterprise.

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Who needs a stinking home page? 🙂 – Simply Click on HEMP for Victory and get educated !


The Mission of the Maryland Hemp Consortium is to promote the growing, processing and production of Industrial Hemp Products.    #ropenotdope


If you own a Farm, and would like to participate – Please contact us. Thank You.